About Me

Mummy bag selfie of me
Me wrapped up in my mummy bag on a late June trip to Sheila Lake

My name is Dave Markel and I go by Alpine Lifer online. I believe it sums up who I am perfectly. Although I don’t spend all my time in the alpine, or will that be the entire focus of this site, it is where my heart lies and thus is an appropriate name.

I am a forty something guy who lives in southern British Columbia, Canada. I am happiest with my camera in hand and a pack on my back.

What you can expect from this site are stories from my trips into the hills, whether a few hours locally with my camera, or a multi day mountaineering trip. It seems there are always fun and entertaining things going on and this is where I will be sharing them.

You can check out my instagram for most pic @AlpineLifer or check out one of the galleries here

I hope you enjoy the journey.