Photographing the BC Wildfires – Durand Creek, Sparks Lake

Photographing wildfires near Kamloops

Sparks Lake and Durand Creek Wildfires

Early into July 2021 we had just entered the heat dome where we saw record temperatures shattered by as much as 8 degrees Celsius. Then tragedy struck as the village of Lytton BC was destroyed by a fast moving wildfire.

Durand Creek Wildfires

Durand Creek Wildfire

While this was taking place I was on Greenstone Mountain south west of Kamloops. From the top I could see the smoke from three major wildfires and one from the smaller Durand creek fire which was only 6 km from where I was.

I was up here the previous night with my brother when the Sparks Lake fire has started to take off but today it was different. The fire didn’t look as much like a wildfire as it did a volcanic eruption. It was displaying category 6 fire behaviour and was violently out of control.

Sparks Lake Wildfire on July 1, 2021

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The resulting fire activity created a Pyrocumulonimbus cloud that was tens of km wide and extended over 100km to the north. This massive cloud triggered a lightning storm throughout the Interlake region with 1000’s of strikes. Many sparked new fires that are burning a month later.

I have been out several times over the past few weeks and have started to gather all the photographs I’ve taken in to the gallery above. All images are for sale, simply contact me.

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